Which Accessories to Buy with HP ZBook

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Which Accessories to Buy with HP ZBook

HP ZBook series is the most powerful laptop series by HP for creative professionals. The series is the peak combination of performance, memory and storage. But, to enhance the usage and optimize your productivity to the next level, pairing it with the right input and output devices is a must!

Let’s see what are the compatible accessories that can multiply your experience with HP ZBook Series!

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HP Z Displays

Pair it with your ZBook, to project your work in a better way. There is a wide range of impeccable displays that are factory-tested for reliability and longevity with integrated color calibration, uninterrupted multi-screen tiling, and expansive device connections.

HP Elite Presenter Mouse

Run presentations and guide on screen content with a virtual laser from where you stand, anyplace in the room, or explore your PC’s applications at your work area, with the complex HP Elite Presenter Mouse. It’s a ultra-current, multi-practical frill that is a pointer also, mouse in one.

HP Active Pen

Stylus is the best thing to work with when you are working from remote places. Maximize your HP Active Pen uptime by having extra nibs at the ready with the HP Active Pen with App Nib Set. It has 12 replacement nibs to write or draw on screen with your device’s touchscreen applications and one easy assembly tool.

There are various other accessories such as docking station, cables, keyboards that can help you optimize your performance with HP ZBook.

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