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Laptop over Tablet

Tablets, in the last two years, have created ripples in the market and the graph of popularity is rising exponentially. Loads of people are of the opinion that tablets are a perfect replacement to laptops as they are convenient being tagged along anywhere and do perform numerous laptop functions.

This rising popularity left the computer brands in splits – as to whether they should join the bandwagon in manufacturing their own handheld gadgets. The users have also started thinking – “Should I replace my laptop with a tablet?”

Well, my answer would be “Laptops are still superior to tablets”. Let’s have a look at the comparison between the two systems:

  • Performance

Laptops like HP ZBook mobile workstation do make way for advanced features & functionalities and let you multi-task year after year. As far as hardware specifications are concerned; laptops have a better internal storage as well as RAM. This further states that laptops’ specifications are way ahead of tablets.

  • Storage

Though tablet is compact, you have to compromise on internal memory storage. Laptops come across as devices with TB of storage; whereas tablets stand nowhere in comparison herewith. Plus, you could use an external hard drive with laptop; along with USB ports giving you option of connecting to the other gadgets like printer, cellphone, etc.

  • Software

Tablets revolve around Android applications; whereas a laptop presents versatile desktop-like experience needed for doing multifold tasks. While working on programs needing Photoshop, MS Office – laptops prove to be the apt choice as in-depth specifications could be looked through only on laptops.

  • Hardware

Tablets need an extra computer system/cloud connectivity for taking back up of files stored therein or else be ready to part with functionality. This does give laptops an advantage over tablets.


On the whole, we could conclude that laptops so offer a much greater level of flexibility than tablets. One such kind is HP ZBook mobile workstation. The beauty of functionality that it offers to those on heavy-duty projects is unparalleled. No tablet would function this way.

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