What is the Difference Between a Mobile Workstation and Laptop?

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What is the Difference Between a Mobile Workstation and Laptop?

Many people use the terms ‘laptop’ and ‘mobile workstation’ interchangeably. After all, both open and close, and operate the same way. However, there is are marked differences between the two.

A mobile workstation is a high-powered machine that is used to perform complex and computation heavy tasks like CAD, 3D rendering and video editing.

A laptop, on the other hand, is used for tasks like browsing, sending emails and creating presentations that put less demand on CPU resources.

Features of mobile workstations that set it apart from a typical laptop are –

More Powerful Processor Cores

A mobile workstation is typically expected to run smoothly under multiple applications that require a huge amount of memory. Thus, mobile workstations have multiple processor cores, of 8th Generation or higher.

A Superior Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Most laptops do have good graphics cards. However, the mobile workstations will have a GPU that is much more powerful. This helps to relieve the CPU of some of its work in displaying graphics and reduce the lag for projects like CAD and 3D rendering.

Error Correcting Code (ECC) Memory

An ECC memory has the ability to correct and detect any occurrences of data corruption. This allows any sensitive processes to continue without interruption.

This type of memory is especially helpful for tasks which involve scientific and arithmetic processes, where even the smallest interruption in the calculations cannot be accepted.

Should you choose a mobile workstation or a laptop?

Laptops should be used when you need to perform light tasks like using social media platforms, watching movies, research, write and prepare presentations. The more powerful laptops can be used for running business applications, gaming and 4K video editing.

Mobile workstations should be used by professionals who need to deal with extensive designing, engineering, mathematics and animation projects.

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